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A vast range of our patented micro-and nano-biotechnolgicals.

With our proprietary ANADOLUCA technology we identify the better protein integration for your device and products faster than other conventional technology will do. To find this tailor made for you, we offer our technology, expertise, know-how, and databases in either a full-service manner or through custom-designed research based on your own research facilities, experiences and preferences.

User benefits are numerous: fast, applicable to all materials and for all applications with a maximum chance of success. Our approach is a revolutionary way to improve the biological performance of any semi-synthetic platforms that will be used in the human body or will be in direct contact to biological specimen.

We offer a revolutionary way of finding the product that works best for you. The way to improve the biological performance of your device, product and process can be broken down to our biomimetic and vast-range proteinous solution and product spectrum, where each one can be tailored to your specific wishes.

You can choose for our product and services: we do all research based on your input and requests. You can also decide for a custom designed research approach where either we will be working together, you do what you do well and we do the rest; your company as a partner is well equipped to perform certain parts yourself and we do whatever is left to do.

We have the technology, expertise and knowledge to get new generation proteinous materials and Technologies. Based on extensive scientific research, BIONKIT has developed a number of unique micro- and nano-structured biomimetics for a wide range of commercial applications. Depending on the specific demands we develop tailor-made and optimized solutions for our customers. Development to market specifications and industry requirements allows us to achieve solutions with a marketable cost-benefit-ratio.


For the launch, mass production and commercialization of our technologies, we look for suitable partners. Our Partners purchase a license or patent to a technology and market it under their own name. BIONKIT accompanies the further technological support of the product – but the baton is clearly on to our partners. Of potential partners for our market-ready technologies, we expect

◦experience and proven success in the relevant market segment

◦capacity to implement a series production

◦established contacts in the relevant distribution channels

◦clear focus on innovative products and increasing customer value

◦readiness to take the business risk in introducing new technologies


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