-Reusable ELISA plates (Photosensitive monomer modified plates, Oriented and Reusable plates: FCRN cross-linked plates, Steraptavidin plates, Protein A/G plates, Tailor made and antibody oriented specific plates)

-Multimodal Nanodiagnostics ( Multienzymes conjugated Antibodious nanoplatform For Tailor made know-how and multimodal detection using QCM, SPR, RIFs, fluorescence and UV-vis spectroscopy)

– Ruthenium based Nanoantibodies for potensiometric sensor

-Nanolabels for tumor cells, hepatocellular carcinoma, etc.

-Oncologics (Cancer screening kit, epigenetics kit, anti-Pgp based MDR kit)

-Proteomics and Metabolomics

-Drug screeining kit ( for antimicrobial resistance)