Separation and Isolation Tools

Separation and isolation tools

-Proteinous cross-linked Cryogel columns (FCRN, sterptavidin, Protein A/G, antibodious oriented and cross-linked, tailor made etc.)

-Proteinous nanobeads based and tailor-made cartdridges

-Protein crosslinked magnetic beads

-Protein cross-linked and tailor-made membranes

-Depletion tools for proteomics

-Epigenetic preconcentration tools

-Isolation tools for circulated cancer cells

-İsolation tools for Vaccine Technologies (B and T cell separators and antigens purification )

-Protein A or FCRN cross-linked Cell separation syringe

-Separation tools for Recombinant Technologies (anti M2 antibody, GST, MBP and ligase based colums)

-Purification tools for FCRN and antibody platform proteins

-Purification tools of hyaluronic acid

-AntiAGO2 antiody based micro and siRNA separation

-AGO2 based MicroRNA preconcentration

-Separation tools for specific enzymes and other proteins

– Separation of nanoprotein particles using antibodious cryogel column